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Bath Hatching Egg Pet


Want to have a bit of cheeky fun with this companion in your hot baths ? Hot baths are great but it can be even more amazing if you have a pet that can bath with you! This little hatching duckling loves to play, just toss the egg into the tub, submerge him, and watch him hatch – peek a boo! Choose a Ducky or Penguin!

So what are you going to name your new pet?


The Bath Hatching Egg Pet - CatchyMall


Bath time is already pretty adorable – your little tyke splish splashing around – but it can be even more adorable and fun when this little hatching duckling comes to play too. Just toss the egg into the tub, submerge him, and watch him hatch as he fills up with water – peek a boo! Your little one will want to soak for hours playing with this little hatchling.

Now, this hatchling is not only adorbs, it can also make bath time easier by serving as a rinser to wash all that soap away gently. Rinsing is always the hardest part of bath time, especially when the little one isn’t old enough to lean their head back to rinse their hair. The bottom of the egg features a number of small holes that lets the water from inside the egg rain out of gently. As the water rains out the top of the egg slowly closes again.

Want to have a bit of cheeky fun with this hatchling? When the egg is full of water hold the duck and press down on his top shell – he’ll squirt a bit of water out of his beak! This makes it also makes it a fun water table toy for toddlers to use outside and squirt water every which way.

When the egg is closed it will simply float and bob around the tub (or pool!) waiting for its moment to hatch. With this egg, your little one can watch this little duckling hatch over and over again, allowing for hours of bath time fun.

This little hatchling measures roughly 3.7 x 3.9 x 4.1 inches and comes in two color choices: yellow duckling or black and white penguin nestling.


Physics! As the water fills the egg up, the hatchling and top portion of the shell become buoyant which is how it slowly hatches. When you lift the egg out of the water and the water rains out, the hatchling will slowly go back in his shell as water level falls.

  • Hatching duckling bath/pool toy
  • Duckling hatches when submerged in water
  • Water rains out of bottom and can be used as a rinser
  • Squirt water out of beak by pushing down on the top
  • Comes in two color choices (ducky or penguin)
  • Measures about 3.7 x 3.9 x 4.1 inches


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