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Magnetic Levitation Plant Pot


Take your indoor gardening skills up a notch with the Magnetic Levitation Plant Pot. This plant pot is a visual treat for your home. The magnetic design allows the plant to float in mid-air. As a result, you get to see your plant in a whole new way. You can keep your favorite indoor plant inside it and make it the center of attraction in your living room. The simple design blends easily with any modern home decor. In fact, it enhances the overall look and feel of your indoor plant and makes it look more stylish and sophisticated. Indoor gardening just got more glamorous now.

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Levitation Pot & Air Plants

Identified by the Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus, air plants (Tillandsia) are plants that grow in the air. Air plants thrive upon the circulation of airborne particles; with no soil required, our gravity-defying and rotating microclimate naturally nurtures.

In Sweden, where winters are long and dark, we have crafted a product that maximizes light and life, proud to be the center piece of a well designed home. The geodesic form reflects several different shades of light as it gracefully rotates, creating a mesmerizing effect.

The magnetic field of the earth has powerful effects on all life forms, especially plants. We’ve been investigating the effects of magnetism on plants!

Studies have shown that plants surrounded by a magnetic field tend to grow faster, taller, bigger, and healthier, as measured by plant height, leaf size, and selected parameters related to their health status.


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