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Writing & Drawing LCD Tablet

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This LCD Writing Tablet is perfect for anyone who is always writing stuff down or for people who love drawing. Quickly jot down notes or make quick sketches on the go! Simply click the button to erase all the contents on the screen to start with a fresh new screen. With its big display, you’ll have plenty of room to draw/write what ever you desire!

8 Inch - LCD Writing/Drawing Tablet


Owltree Writing Board eWriter eliminates the need for paper, scratch pads, and sticky notes – simply write and erase. The durable, ultra-lightweight LCD writing screen is engineered to feel just like writing with pen on paper. The image stays as long as you need it to and can be erased with the touch of a button. Create again and again, without the need to charge or connect.

One writing tablet Could be written for more than 100 000 times, Can save 100 000 pieces paper, this is equal to 3 big trees.

Product features

  • Easy to use:The electronic writing tablet is Erase images and words with the only touch of a button; The button is conveniently sealed and integrated into the tablet and the screen can be erased over 50,000 times during the life of the tablet innovation writing board tablet’s writing experience is just like writing with pen on paper.
  • Convenience: Case and LCD of the Digital Drawing Board Pad are made from durable plastic materials, safe for school use and all around the house, office and car.
  • Safe and fun: With erasing lock to avoid accidentally erased while you writing; super writing pen is made of durable POM material, long lifespan.with a free APP that you can share wherever you are.
  • Environment and eye-friendly: Easy and quick editing of your work.You have no more use for papers, pens, pencils or erasers.Help stop the environmental problems now!Designed with special technology to protect your eyes so they shouldn’t tire when using the tablet.
  • LCD writing tablet suitable for designer, businessman, teacher, student, doctor, eco-friendly (paperless/good helper for students/love your family enjoys your life/unspoken words).



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